Paulina Walkowiak

Paulina Walkowiak

CEO & Co-Founder,

Paulina is a CEO co-founder of – an qualitative analytical tool which helps digital product owners to get to know theirs users and boost the revenue using empathy. She knows users and consumers world very well, as before founding, she was a market researcher and for 5 years was conducting qualitative and customer experience researches. Paulina is also experienced workshop facilitator, she aim to show the widest context of consuming web content by humans on the other side of screen.

Why Metrics and Statistics are not enough to get to know your Clients?

Room Dresden

Having an analytical tool to increase revenue is a must have nowadays, if you’re digital product owner. But does it mean that, thanks to that, you know your audience? What if you want to know why users are abandoning theirs shopping carts? Or how to simplify user journey to sell more? I want to tell […]

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