Paul Wolter

Paul Wolter

Director Public Affairs and Communications, German Startups Association

Paul Wolter is Head of Public Affairs and Communications of the German Startups Association (GSA). He is responsible for the national and international Public Affairs activities and the PR and Communications activities of the GSA. He studied European Economic Studies in Bamberg (M.Sc.) and Media Business in Ilmenau (B.Sc.). Before joining the German Startups Association, he was PR Manager at a Berlin-based FinTech Startup and an Intern and Working Student at a Berlin-based PR Agency and the German Association for Towns and Municipalities (DStGB).

How to pitch your Story towards Media

Room E2075

Your product is ready for entering the market but you dont have a massive marketing budget? How are you going to make sure people hear about your product? You have to tell your story! But how to approach the media? On which mails do journalists react? Are press releases still necessary? What kind of stories […]

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