Maika Hahne-Wiley

Maika Hahne-Wiley

Senior Recruiter / HR Manager

Maika is a Senior Recruiter and HR Manager in different Berlin based companies. She has a very strong backround in technical recruiting and used to work for startups as well as for corporates.

She holds degrees in Sociology and Social Politics and was an honour student at her college next to Chicago. Her passion is to enable people to reach their goals and guide them through their journey. She has a fascinating skill to find the right candidate for the right position, which sometimes differs from the candidates expectation. She has a strong ability to bring the right people together by using her network.

Focus Camp: Human Resources

Room E2075

Take the chance to talk with experienced people about different HR topics – classic ones as well as some exciting new topics will be discussed. Find guidance on Do’s and Don’t’s when it comes to recruit, to manage and retain people. Mingle within this industry and build yourself a network.