Gerald Hoff

Gerald Hoff

Sales Expert and Entrepreneur, CUBE GmbH

Gerald is a Sales Expert and Entrepreneur with 18 years of experience and a passion for Sales & Sales Management in different industries (Benefits, IT & legal). In 1999, he started as a part time sales assistant in the financial industry. 15 years later he made an impressive old economy career in this field.

At the time the industry had little to no digital and disruptive business cases and Gerald decided that instead of being part of the problem, he’d rather be part of the solution.

In 2014, he started providing startups and companies with the knowledge of how to implement a sustainable sales process. His mission is to help great products break through by scaling them via a smart and powerful sales solution. After scaling sales as Head of Sales at Sensorberg, he’s currently Head of Corporate Partnerships at CUBE, where he’s helping to further innovation by connecting cutting-edge startups and major industry players globally.

Focus Camp: PR, Marketing, Sales

Room Dresden

Are you a founder or planning to found a company? How good is your innovative product or service if customers don’t pay for it? Right: Then good marketing, good sales and attention through PR are needed. Look forward to those topics within the PR, Marketing & Sales Focus Camp: Sales Funnel, Marketing Outreach, SEO, Basic […]

PR, Marketing, Sales