Enrique Topolansky

Enrique Topolansky

Head of the ORT's Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center

I’m the Head of the ORT’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center. My main goal is to promote the entrepreneurial and innovation spirit throughout the University. Hence, I work with students, faculty, companies and angel investors to develop the eco-system. I also am Associate Professor and I actively teaching Entrepreneurial Studies, Business Models and Organizational Behavior.

I have over 20 years of experience as Lecture Professor at ORT Uruguay University.

I got my BA degree in Information Systems and then I completed my Master degree in Business Administration (MBA), both at ORT Uruguay University. I also hold a postgraduate degree in Management of University-Industry Relations from the Universidad de Alicante, Spain.

During 1991-2014, I actively worked as Consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank, working as Project Manager in IT/IS strategic planning for government agencies, across different countries of Latin America.

During 1995-2005, I launched my first startup: Assist Lta. It was an Information technology enterprise. I sold the company in the year 2005.

In the year 1998, I started working with entrepreneurs. That was the beginning of the Entrepreneurship and innovation Center (CIE). I was a founding member of the first incubator in Uruguay called INGENIO (2000). Since then, I have been actively working with entrepreneurs and small business startups.

Currently at ORT’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, I coordinate all the activities to support the entrepreneurship eco-system. Every year we receive 220 entrepreneurial briefs, we chose 25 of them, and we work with the chosen ones to move the ideas forward. ORT’s entrepreneurship program is the oldest and most successful program of its kind in Uruguay, and has launched many of the most successful Uruguayan startups such as PedidosYa, Paganza, Dvlop , Woow.

What can you help startups with? 

We can help startups to softlanding in Sudamerica, understand the market, look for partners. We have been working for 15 years in the market.