Dr. Anabel Ternès

Dr. Anabel Ternès

CEO & Founder, GetYourWings & HealthMedo

Dr. Anabel Ternès is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on health and sustainable lifestyle, a digitalization expert and author. Among other she is CEO and shareholder of GetYourWings gGmbH and HealthMedo GmbH. As Managing Director of the Institute for Sustainability Management (IISM) she holds a professorship in e-business. She is ambassador of SAME SKY and mentor at StartupTEENS among other social engagements. Anabel has many years of leadership experience in the business development of international companies.

Digital Detox is not enough: How to design your digital everyday Life efficiently and powerfully

Room E2075

In the job as well as in private, digital takes an ever-larger space. Switching off, means Digital Detox, is a possibility. But if digitalization shapes my everyday life, a holistic strategy is needed, if I want to benefit from the digital transformation and at the same time want to use my resources wisely.

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