Daria Saharova

Daria Saharova

Partner, Vito One

Daria is partner at Vito One, an early stage venture capital firm focused on investments along the value chain of a building and energy tech. Daria has been active in the digital industry for over a decade. She worked on investment teams of SevenVentures and Holtzbrinck. Daria also founded a venture in the ecommerce space, is a co-founder of the Munich Founders Association and organises the biggest European deep tech conference DAHO.AM. She started her career at KPMG and later at global investment bank Jefferies, where she worked in the international media team.

How to approach a VC and how not to?

Room E2075

Almost every startup founder has to go through the process of raising funds during their entrepreneurial journey. The fundraising process is often underestimated, and many founders are surprised by the fact that this process can take many months and be very exhausting. However, entrepreneurs often don’t consider what it’s like to be on the other […]

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