Alex Melzer

Alex Melzer

Co-Founder & CEO, Zolar

Alex Melzer co-founded and is the CEO of ZOLAR GmbH, the first online provider of residential solar systems. Since 2007 he has dedicated his professional career to the solar industry and has worked in leadership position in Europe and overseas. He co-founded ZOLAR with his university friend Gregor Loukidis in 2016. Alex vision is to completely change Europe’s energy generation to 100% renewables and actively making an impact against climate change.

How to raise a 4-million Euro Round?

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Best Practice: Zolar is a Berlin-based energy startup, that was founded by Gregor Loukidis and Alex Melzer in 2016. The startup is the first online provider that allows homeowners to customize their solar system on the web. Just one year after start, the young company closed a 4-million Serious A round led by Sunstone Capital […]

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