Focus Camps

A Focus Camp is a full conference track related to your industry (for example FinTech, AdTech, Social Entrepreneurship etc.) or a special subject (Human Ressources, Idea Creation, Fundrasing etc.). Every Focus Camp is curated by Startup Veterans, Industry Experts with full Focus on the needs of Early Stage Startups. This year’s Focus Camps will be:

Blockchain |Digital Health | Female Entrepreneurship| Food | Fundraising| Green Startups | Human Resources |Lean Startups | PR, Marketing and Sales | Social Entrepreneurship

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Learn about how people can better track, manage and improve their health through digital means.
Female entrepreneurs expand their network, exchange ideas and discuss how to get more females into the startup scene.
Get to talk to pioneers and experts from the food and food-tech ecosystem and find out about the huge potential that lies within thies field.
Everything you need to know for bootstrapping your startup, finding investors and raising funds.
Everything around green trends, ideas, products and technologies.
Find guidance on Do‘s and Don‘t‘s when it comes to recruit, to manage and retain people.
Learn about how to jumpstart your startup with Hypothesis-driven Experimentation, Prototyping & Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Customer Orientation, Fast Iteration and Validated Learning. BUILD, MEASURE, LEARN!
Advice on how to market and sell your product or place your startup in the industry.
Practical insights into companies that tackle social problems.