Focus Camps

A Focus Camp is a full conference track related to your industry (for example FinTech, AdTech, Social Entrepreneurship etc.) or a special subject (Human Ressources, Idea Creation, Fundrasing etc.). Every Focus Camp is curated by Startup Veterans, Industry Experts with full Focus on the needs of Early Stage Startups. This year’s Focus Camps will be:

Blockchain |Digital Health | Female Entrepreneurship| Food | Fundraising| Green Startups | Human Resources |Lean Startups | PR, Marketing and Sales | Social Entrepreneurship

Find more detailed information below!

The blockchain focus camp is for anyone interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, interested in hearing from people who are working on projects in this space. This focus camp is for you if you have a basic knowledge of what blockchain is and want to meet others working on blockchain projects, hear about interesting applications of blockchain, and explore the issues and challenges that surround this complex emerging technology. If you are not technical, don't worry, the focus will be on the issues and applications surrounding blockchain with speakers who are researching and leading blockchain and crypto projects. We have speakers on such topics as motivating e-health, decentralizing ride-sharing and governance, how to choose a country to set up your ICO, and the challenge of detecting money laundering.
Learn about how people can better track, manage and improve their health through digital means. Look forward to great founders and experts from the digital health scene (e.g. Ming-Sun from Allianz X and Dr. Schachinger from ePatient).
Look forward to great speakers who love to pass on their knowledge as entrepreneurs, VC`s and multipliers to founders, always placing a special focus on female empowerment. These are some of the topics: sharpening a vision, mission and company values, hiring, building a private label, good PR and financing through VC.
Our curators provide you with relevant input from successful food founders, exciting trend analyzes and even direct contact with industry-specific investors or distributors. Look forward to great talks and panel discussions, workshops and one or the other exclusive new product! You also get to talk to pioneers and experts from the food and food-tech ecosystem and find out about the huge potential that lies within this field.
This Focus Camp is for all (future) founders and startup enthusiasts who want to understand better how venture capital works. Look forward to fundraising lectures, panels and keynotes. From venture capital to subsidies, everything will be discussed. Moreover there will be a breathtaking line up of the top VC's again, not only from Berlin or Germany - no, even a variety of international VC's will be there. And of course, ICO vs. Venture Capital will be discussed with top people from the international crypto scene.
The Green Startups Platform inside the German Startup Association brings together Startups, politics, investors, industry and the most important players of the Green Economy in Germany. In this intensive Focus Camp you are guided through a complete life cycle of a Green Startup and learn everything about designing, financing and expanding your sustainable startup.
Take the chance to talk with experienced people about different HR topics - classic ones as well as some exciting new topics will be discussed. Find guidance on Do's and Don't's when it comes to recruit, to manage and retain people. Mingle within this industry and build yourself a network.
Learn how hypothesis-driven experiments, prototyping, MVPs, Customer orientation, fast iteration and validated learning help to boost the success of your startup. Startup founders from different industries will share their experience and expertise on how to make your business more successful using lean startup methods!
Are you a founder or planning to found a company? How good is your innovative product or service if customers don't pay for it? Right: Then good marketing, good sales and attention through PR are needed. Look forward to those topics within the PR, Marketing & Sales Focus Camp: Sales Funnel, Marketing Outreach, SEO, Basic Data Protection Ordinance, Pitchdeck and get Best Practices from professionals who answer your questions.
Look forward to exciting lectures by successful social startups as well as by investors and serial founders from classic startups, who are now working as social entrepreneurs. There will also be workshops on the implementation or financing of social startups.