Startup Campus Berlin

Innovate Locally, Scale Globally

Startup Campus, powered by Enterprise Hungary, strives to form a global “innovation acceleration system,” and has expanded into an international startup network with Soft Landing Program locations in Berlin, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chengdu & London. The SC Berlin Soft Landing Program gives CEE startups the opportunity for global market entry from Berlin. This program gives CEE startups a chance to build their network with accelerators, venture capitalists and Berlin partners through a 3-day Validation Program and a 12-month Business Development Program. Berlin was also included as the second destination of the Startup Campus V4 Global Tour 2018, which serves to boost the discoverability of the V4 startup ecosystem by introducing a group of Hungarian, Polish, Slovakian and Czech startups to international markets through pitching, networking and B2B matchmaking opportunities at 10 cities/tech events worldwide.