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Nuzzera is your Spotify for News, the first two-sided-market platform in this domain. We are mixing established news sources with original on-site content from free journalists that readers can consume on a freemium basis. This results in an increased information diversity from global to hyper-local articles, mainstream to niche topics and various perspectives, so readers will not only feel informed but connected to news. As a central news platform we change the way people read: Our machine learning algorithm is trained to select the most relevant and enjoyable information tailored to each user while avoiding filter bubbles.

We are backed by the Google Digitial News Initiative, the Start-up Incubator Berlin and the EU. Our team is composed of four members with expertise in Data Science & Machine Learning, UX & Service Design, Product Management & Business Development, Front- and Backend Development. We see ourselves as a software company and infrastructure provider with machine learning at its heart.