neuronut develops an interactive mobile app with learning modules that focus on nature, science and technology. The neuronut app accesses the smartphones sensors and enables users to perform their own measurements and experiments around interesting phenomena in nature. In a fun way one learns competences to process, analyze and interpret data. In addition, we are building a citizen science community. The idea is that users can share their recorded experiment with others and participate in group experiments. Where it is possible and reasonable, the technology of AR/VR is used to extend the human senses for an extraordinary interaction with the environment and a special learning experience. neuronut transforms Your smartphone into a mobile lab for Your pocket. We aid kids and pupils to obtain the necessary skills for the 21st century by learning in a problem oriented and sustained way. Our team of scientists and developers wants to spark the love they have for STEM in the next generation.

  • Company Address:
    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    Projekt: NeuroNut “Active Apps”
    Luisenstraße 53
    10117 Berlin
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    David Alexander Strehober
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