Blockchain Based B2B Marketplace for Software is a blockchain based approach to track, manage and trade software licenses along the supply chain in a transparent, secure and automated manner. Using blockchain technology, the supply chain for software, which is divided in separate data silos today, can be consistent.

We are building a decentralized licensing framework for an immutable audit trail and best practice offers (also SaaS alternatives) for enterprises due to a marketplace, triggered by Software Asset Management results. We connect buyers and sellers automatically, based on customer demand and according to corporate rules. Our solution eases license management and automates licensing trading (with used and new software) while adding a new sales pipeline for software vendors and resellers. Imagine a software license as a good, moving between vendor, reseller and customer, each step having transparent ownership and an immutable audit trail. Stakeholders involved in the supply chain (e.g. software publisher, reseller or license approver) will be incentivized by a fair and transparent token economy.
We are building the future of licensing!