Komed Health

Komed Health AG: 

Compared to today’s medical breakthroughs, most clinical communication systems remain stuck in the “stone age“ of communication technology. Disjointed and outdated communication systems cause confusion, reduce efficiency and may ultimately put patients at risk. More than 250’000 deaths in U.S. hospitals are linked to communication failures.

At Komed Health we are dedicated to transforming healthcare communication to help doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers to deliver the best in class patient care, and ultimately save lives. Komed Health is providing a secure and powerful real-time communication platform, purpose-build for hospitals in order to dramatically facilitate communication and collaboration in care teams. Komed Health can be integrated into existing infrastructure enabling integrated care pathways. Using the Komed Health platform makes healthcare providers drastically more productive, increases their patient satisfaction substantially and allows them to use their infrastructure efficiently. The Komed Health team works very closely with health care providers to tailor functionalities to the needs of health professionals and modern hospital processes.

Komed Health is currently used by more than 400 healthcare professionals and we are generating revenue from 2 hospitals in Switzerland (including the biggest hospital in Switzerland: the Insel in Bern). We have received interest to test and potentially roll out our application from more than 30 hospitals in Switzerland, Germany and the UK.