INGA is your personal social recruiting bot that automatically searches social media channels for potential candidates, attracts them, interviews them and converts them into active recruiting leads.
We automate social media recruiting with chatbots and artificial intelligence, so that the war for talent does not affect at least INGAs clients. Our knowledge about chatbots, social media, candidate experience, recruiting in general and machine learning gives us the opportunity to service our clients with the easiest, most scalable and efficient way of active sourcing nowadays. INGAs specialty are target groups that are not active or event present in business networks so that INGAs results are best in blue collar and young professional job openings.
You give INGA the specifics of your job opening and INGA begins to work.
As a result you get candidates that like to work for you, you know about their basic skillset and have already filled out a short application.
And all this with less than 30 minutes of your own time and first results in less than 48 hours.
Our vision is to automate and optimize the whole recruiting experience for companies and candidates.
INGA – recruit smarter