FreshDetect GmbH from Pullach near Munich develops and markets innovative measuring instruments and solutions for fast and broad quality control in the food industry. The employees of FreshDetect are experts in the field of spectroscopic measurement methods and microbiology. They have many years of experience in food technology and in handling microbiological data. In 2017, the company launched freshdetect BFD-100, the first mobile hand-held measuring device for determining bacterial contamination of meat.

FreshDetect’s highly innovative method for the non-invasive, precise determination of bacterial contamination, has the potential to radically improve quality assurance in the entire value chain of the food industry. With the freshdetect BFD-100 hand-held measuring device food (currently meat) can be checked for bacteria (total bacterial count) in seconds, safely and cost-effectively. This enables comprehensive and preventive “microbiological” quality and process control from slaughter to the meat counter for the first time.