fragPaul-digitale Personalassistant

fragPaul is a digital employee-management tool offered as a SAAS-model. We not only want to define the future of digital HR-management, but also want to be the benchmark for user-friendly, useful and innovative systems in this field.
By automating recurrent processes, fragPaul takes away the workload from administrators and runs error prone tasks dependably. The features reach from digital personnel files, over time-tracking, shift scheduling and absence planning, to one-click payroll accounting. Therefore, we not only see a major relief for the HR in general, but also a growth in contentedness and well working collaboration because of individual planning. Each team member’s demands and requests may be represented in fragPaul, which evidentially increases employee’s satisfaction and effectiveness in planning. The distinctive ease of use guarantees a prompt and facile adoption by all team members without further assistance.
A major benefit is our role as a start-up: we are a dynamic and innovative team, which is exceptionally flexible and agile. Since we always looking to improve our system and processes, we can easily adapt certain user request and implement them into fragPaul. In addition, we benefit from a superior sales-structure by having the METRO as a powerful reseller by our side.