Dynamic Components

Dynamic Components (DC) digitizes elevators by retrofitting hardware & software for enabling condition-based and predictive maintenance. Its customers, manufacturers and big operators of elevators, benefit from reduced downtimes, increased service quality and a reduction in maintenance costs. Furthermore, customers can implement new business models, such as usage-based charging or people flow analytics. DC’s Internet of Things (IoT) solution contains a set of sensors, a computing module and an analysis solution in the cloud.
It allows to monitor the current wear-relevant state of elevators precisely (real-time visualization and alarming), identify patterns in order to forecast the future state (predictive maintenance) and to analyze the root cause of disruptions (in retrospective). In contrast to other solutions, it is not limited to purely statistical data from machines’ control units but uses high resolution data directly reflecting wear and hence indicates with high precision if a maintenance is required. It is technology and manufacturer independent and can be installed in the course of regular maintenance by the customers themselves.
Additionally, the software architecture employs edge computing to minimize the amount of data needed to be transferred between the elevator and the cloud. This is especially useful in areas with low-bandwidth connections such as GSM.