The Berlin-based Start-up BRAINEFFECT is specialized on Performance Food for the optimization of mental performance and regeneration – this means highly dosed ingredients and smart formulas.

We are convinced, that the mental state is the key for achieving his goals. Nutrients, training, the right attitude, sufficient recovery and admittedly a bit of luck are the secret for mental performance.

BRAINEFFECT was founded in 2015 by Fabian Foelsch together with Schober Ventures. Since then they are a leaders in the german performance food market.

The products offer more concentration, more energy and improved sleep. They are based on natural ingredients such as coconut oil, black pepper, lemon balm, rose root or ginkgo. In its own online magazine, BRAINEFFECT provides comprehensive information about the latest studies, training and nutrition concepts.

24 employees are busy with distributing the BRAINEFFECT products via own online shop, amazon and selected pharmacies throughout Germany.